8 Dec

The concept and practice of recycling have always seemed to be around us.  We see recycling advertising and symbols all over the place.  Over the years, it seems to have become more and more popular and somewhat has managed to at least create certain awareness in an important sector of the population.  Everywhere you go, there seem to be classification bins for waste that can be recycled.  The option of recycling appears to finally solve the problem of building up waste and instead, use resources over an over again after their usefulness as a fabricated item has expired.

But it was not like this all the time.  Now, recycling is a very ancient practice but it probably is not as popular as it is today.  This is thanks to a modern campaign started by Waste Management, which involves informing the population about the great benefits of recycling.  Waste Management, which is a NorthAmerican company, started in 1971 in Houston, Texas, as a service to have a correct management of waste and resources.

With 128 facilities, more than 8 tons of recycling material are handled by Waste Management.   Now, when it comes to marketing itself to make recycling look cool, there are several things that could be said about the company but one is essential to it:  they invested efforts and resources into recycling material using the best technology they could.  They make recycling a part of a 21-st century effort, not to prevent a dumping of cataclysmic proportions, necessarily, but to help us live a better life.

Waste Management made deals with electronics companies such as LG, for example, to cooperatively work on the proper electronics recycling.  In this way, they motivated customers into properly disposing of their TVs, VCRs, computers, and all the like.

There is a subsidiary called WM Recycle America which implemented the R2 (Responsible Recycling) program for electronics recycling.  Such other programs allowed the company to acquire prestige and cause an impact on the minds of North Americans.

Their slogan, “From everyday collection, to environmental protection, think green. Think Waste Management” is the front letter of the company.   In 2010, Waste Management was featured in an episode of the CBS television show “Undercover Boss”.   This was definitively a great window to portray what the company does and why it is cool to do so.  Protecting the environment by recycling is something that everyone should be doing, after all.

The company has also been featured in some motion pictures.  Very prominently, the company truck shows up in the film Transformers: Dark of the Moon.  In fact, one character transforms into a waste management truck from the company.   Other films include Mall Cop, and Transformers, Age of Extinction.

This has helped people visually Waste Management as a company that is truly investing in the well-being of the environment, and therefore, of public health.  Recycling is an important part of this and Waste Management has managed to make us believe so.  It is interesting how we now recycle consciously and we even feel those bins look pretty cool.

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