18 Mar

In today’s world, where we are demanding of having information and resources at our fingertips, it is no surprise that studies are being made about how mobile technology can help waste management.  The reality is that with time, there is also a need for better, more affordable, and more efficient waste disposal.  The so-called developing countries can hardly afford automated technologies.

Mobile technology then presents itself as a better alternative that companies can use to cater better waste management services.   The main purpose of these companies is to provide innovation and information right there, at the fingertips, just like we like it.

Useful Features of a mobile app

An app for waste management will have the following features:

  • GPS tracking system to help users locate locations for pickup.  Dustcarts can have a GPS tracking device installed on them, for instance.  The information about its location is made available to the central office.  This information is then transferred to the user via satellite or internet connection.  Internet connectivity is actually a less expensive method than satellite.  This same tracking can be done with RFID Tracking system, which works in a similar fashion as GPS,  except that information is passed on from RFID tags to readers in dustcarts, without the need of satellite.
  • Management of user’s waste and recycling. This can be achieved by providing useful information about recycling centers and route designing based on GPS tracking.
  • Information.  This is definitively a must for a mobile app for a waste management company.  We are talking about giving users all types of information regarding schedules, services, and more.  This will help users make more educated decisions on how to handle their own waste.  The app provides basic information on how to classify and prepare their own waste for recycling.  As many possible ways of reusing and recycling methods could be included.
  • Local news on recycling and other similar events.  Companies also want to keep end users up to date with the latest news on waste management and recycling.
  • Promote awareness.  A socially responsible company will help raise awareness on waste disposal issues.

Innovative solutions

A mobile app provides a solution to help solve waste management issues.  Their applicability can help developing countries find more practical alternatives for waste management without the need for expensive automated systems.  In the end, waste management companies obtain a  more efficient revenue and a reduction of costs.

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