21 Oct

Do you know that statistic shows that an average person generates 4.3 pounds of waste per day? That sounds disturbing isn’t it? With that, it certainly calls for us to do something about it. With the amount of garbage that we all are producing every day, landfills are now bursting with garbage, which can probably create a long term environmental hazard.


In order for us to save the earth and keep landfills clean, we should start thinking about recycling. We should at least reduce the garbage we dump in landfills up to 50 percent. For instance, some of our household items such as old, damage upholsteries, carpets and rugs. They all can be recycled and not end up being thrown away as garbage.

Recycling is a Must

For some reason, not all people believe that recycling or reusing is necessary. Probably because throwing away things is much easier than recycling them into something useful. Or maybe because they just don’t have much idea about how to recycle things. You can find tons of recycling ideas online that you can check out to give you the best ideas how to recycle some waste items that you have at home.

For instance, you can even find ways to recover damaged and old rugs. Other than doing some area rug cleaning, you can also do some repairs and recovery. You can always find some professionals to assist you. Remember, recycling old, damaged rugs is your best share in cleaning landfills and saving the environment as a whole.

Keeping the Landfills Clean

That may sound odd, how can you even keep the landfill clean? It’s about not dumping big, non-biodegradable wastes such as textile, upholstery and even rugs. Things like them can fill up dump sites, creating those mountains of wastes. Since most landfills are starting to get filled, and it’s running out of space, maybe it’s time for us to do something. All we need to do is to minimize our wastes. And the best way to do that is to recycle huge and non-biodegradable items.

old rugs

Getting Involved

Since we all are living in this world, we need to get ourselves involved. In almost everywhere, the government and other institutions are conducting seminars and talks about recycling. It’s their way of keeping us informed. And if all have the best ideas about recycling, we can do our share of cleaning our environment clean.

In almost every part of the world, wastes and garbage is the main culprit of the many calamities that occur. Flood and even global warming are some of the results of improper handling of waste. The sad part is, not all of us are even aware of this truth. But for you and for everyone who knows the real effect of garbage, it’s time to make a difference. And you can start at home. It’s time to learn how to recycle junks at home.

Keep this in mind. What you have actually thrown away today, might come back to you a few years after, even worse!