21 Jan

Trademarks are intellectual properties that protect the name and logo of a brand.  They apply both to goods and services.  Trademark protection guarantees that such name and logo are not used by anyone else.  If another company uses such logo or name, they commit trademark infringement.  Such violation may have consequences for both companies.  This is only one reason why even a garbage removal company needs trademark protection.

We live in a highly competitive world where large and small corporations thrive to get the most profit out of their investments.  Trademark protection becomes very important in the process of keeping these businesses afloat.  Let´s take a look at some other reasons why trademark protection is a must.

You need to distinguish your company

If a company is going to offer what others cannot, then such must be clearly stated in the name, symbol, or logo.  Protecting this intellectual property guarantees that no other entity will mimic your particular vision of a business.  Trademark laws differ among countries.  In Canada, for instance, trademark law does not provide exclusive use of a symbol, but only for a particular use.  This means that if you register a symbol to use as your waste management company, no one else gets to use it in such way.

This has a positive impact on trade and your business.  Registering your trademark provides a distinguishing guise.

The company’s trademark gets federal protection

If you do not register your company’s trademark, you can still establish common law but based only on the mark.  However, trademark registration offers significant advantages over common law.

Importation of infringing foreign goods

A trademark usually provides the ability to register a product or good with the nation’s Customs and Borders Protection services.  This will prevent the importation of goods that commit trademark infringement.

Foreign affairs

If you are planning to expand your company outside your country’s borders, then a trademark registration is a must.  In order to obtain registration in foreign countries, you can use your own country’s trademark law as a basis to obtain it.

Protection from pirates and cheats

When a trademark is registered with the competent authorities, not only it creates confidence in customers but it also protects your company from misappropriation.  All the time, money, and energy invested in establishing a reputation for a company should be protected from pirates and cheats.  If such entities commit fraud against another company there is damage in several areas.  First, the public will get a defective product with the same logo or name as a well-established one.  This will have a negative effect on reputation.  Also, such infrinfements produce financial losses.

Where should you go to get trademark protection?

After seeing what are the benefits of having a registered trademark and the disadvantages of having one, companies are strongly suggested to protect their trademarks through Trademark Law.  If you are not sure what the steps toward this are, we recommend you hiring the services of the best trademark lawyer Vancouver.  They will guide you through the steps needed to give protection to your intellectual property.