About Us

Welcome to our website! We aim on transforming waste Scotland to a beautiful, clean, and eco-friendly place once again! We are a company dedicated in reducing carbon footprint, not only in Scotland but also in the whole world. Our mission is to make mother earth as clean as possible and to maintain our nature’s life. Our company composes of twelve individuals and more than four dozens of volunteers from all over Scotland. We also even have volunteers from the far side of the world, and they communicate to us via the internet. Oh, what wonders the internet has brought upon us.

With that in mind, we created this website as a way of letting others know about our mission and hopefully get some help from our readers, not financially, but by awareness and knowledge. We would like our readers to be able to share our mission and vision, which is attaining a carbon footprint free nature.

Our website will contain every necessary information to make people, companies, business, and others to learn about the dangers of carbon footprint. We will also create posts about the effects of industrial waste to our environment.

As our team will be participating on different events regarding environmental hazards, we will be posting too about our experiences during those events. We will also enumerate any new standards, techniques, tips, and tricks related to preserving mother earth’s purity.

Overall, we are expecting that you would help us spread our mission. Act and save the Earth, our only place in the universe.